Monday, 18 August 2014


Hey 5.14 Fitness, 

Another quick post this time on the topic of meats, just watched an awesome documentary on this subject: 'Horizon!'
But first a bit about my progress, not such an intense day to day but again lots of walking, heavy ab workout and lifting and man am I loving the results. Finally seeing my arms take some shape ( I know I promised photos for Friday but I really don't have the equipment on me but they will be up soon, sorry!) 
So on to meats, meat is a great source of protein however red meats particularly are linked to cancer and cardiovascular problems such as heart disease! This is partly down to the high amounts of saturated fat ( these raise cholesterol and blood pressure making your heart work harder leading to heart attacks), but also to do with other chemicals that are stored in the lean part of the meat that react with acids in the stomachs to form a solid which can block arteries! You should especially avoid smoked meats as these are covered in salt ( which raises blood pressure ) and nitrates which are linked with cancer, in addition the actual smoke contains the same chemicals as those of a cigarette and we all know what they can do, don't we? Scientific studies show that by eating too much red meat (for example bacon for breakfast) everyday can reduce your life expectancy by up to two years, thats roughly an hour a day!
So what can you eat instead? 
We need protein in our bodies, especially  if we are trying to improve our muscles. However alternative sources to red meats - which are made up of protein and amino acids- are: white meats (chicken and pork), nuts, beans and dairy.
How often can I have processed meat (ham, salami, beef and sausages) you should save it for special occasions, for example a Sunday Roast. This is because although it is bad for you, red meats are a food of tradition and gathering a symbol of where people bond and come together, we should just keep them in moderation.

Thanks for reading, more post to come soon! Remember +1 everything, follow me, comment, eat clean and work hard- peace! 



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