Saturday, 9 August 2014

Good morning,

Just woken up from a great nights sleep, feeling pumped and ready to go! So, time to go through the workout from last night. How did I find it? Not too difficult, but I have been doing this one for just over a week now so maybe I am just starting to get used to it. It is designed to work lower abs and to help define "V" lines and that it certainly does. I am already getting great results (picture to be posted next Friday) but I am getting scared of my body getting used to the workout and it not being so effective as my body has adapted to do this specific routine. Therefore I am planning to add more intensity and decrease the amount of rest time from 15 seconds down to 10 seconds. However if you are finding this too difficult you can find an amount of rest time that suits you, remember you want to be intense but you do not want to work yourself too hard and not be able to exercise the rest of the week. Another workout to be posted later a long with some information on a topic (maybe).

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