Friday, 29 August 2014


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Today I will walk you through what you should drink as well as what you should avoid. Everyone knows about healthy eating, but not so many people think about what are the right substances to be drinking.

Most people know that drinking alcohol is not something you should do before exercise as it will decrease your sporting performance. This is because it effects your balance, co-ordination and how you think and act (making you more confident but it also lowers your level of concentration and focus), therefore your general performance will not be as strong as per normal.
Another type of drink you should definitely steer well clear of are fizzy drinks and sodas! Why? Because they are jam packed full of sugar and caffeine, which does provide a source of short release energy, but they can destroy your liver and kidney, cause diabetes as well as raising blood pressure which can lead to heart attacks and strokes. If I was to recommend a weekly dosage 1-2 cans is more than enough, as (although they taste great)they need to be kept in moderation and if possible, you should remove them from them from your diet entirely.

I am now going to move on to one of my favourite drinks and it is one that is actually good for body: milk. Now the important thing about milk is that you do not get full fat; I know it tastes the best and we will all miss its creamy texture, but it is simply not good for you. It is literally fat in a bottle; fat raises cholesterol, blocking veins which can again lead to heart attacks strokes and other cardiovascular issues. You should ideally drink at least one (proper glass that is actually full) of red top milk everyday, however for people such as myself who need their milk to have some taste and flavour green top milk is the next best thing. But having a glass a day is crucial! You need to have milk as it contains calcium; this strengthens bones and teeth, but it also contains protein which is used for muscle growth and repair.

 I am now moving on to a drink which is good for you as well as bad for you- a bit unusual I know just bare with me.  Juice! As in apple, orange and cranberry- the stuff you have for breakfast in the morning. Although it contains vitamins, it is essentially sugar water and we all know what sugar does, in fact it is equally as sugary as some fizzy drinks. Some people ignore this fact as they are natural sugars so they must be okay, well yes we do need some sugar but there is no difference in terms of damage to your body between natural and processed sugars.
The final sugary drink is a drink that is mostly consumed by younger people but squash is again sugar water but only this time without the vitamins. In addition many people make the drink far too strong which just increases the sugar levels further- not good.

To finish, the drink that I recommend most is plain old water. Why? It can provide more energy than any energy drink (so consume about 2 hours before exercise to make sure you get energy and it does not sit in his stomach- which leads to a stich), it contains fluoride which is good for your teeth and the final factor supporting this beverage is that it contains 0 calories and sugars so it does exactly no harm to your body. I would recommend drinking water with every meal ( I know it is boring and flavourless but if you have it with food it is not so bad believe me) everyday.

Hope this helps, thanks for reading; please plus one everything, comment, follow, eat clean and work hard-peace!


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  1. Hi Jason, my name is Sabreen and I just finished reading your blog post about what we should drink. I thought it was great and totally agree with what you said. To be honest, I am a gym junkie, therefore I am very conscious of what I eat and you are right that a lot of people don't realise the effect of consuming bad the food and I have noticed in the people around me meals.

    If you ever get the chance, it would mean a lot to me if you could check out my blog. I am a new blogger. Other than keep up the good work ;) x