Saturday, 16 August 2014


Hi 5.14 Fitness

Quick post on something that you might not have considered to be a good form of exercise. Yep, walking ( particularly up hills ) is a great way to burn calories and by burning calories using up the stored fat. Consequently helping with weight loss an muscle definition, if you have walked far enough it is also a real calf burner; adding size and definition. 

So yesterday I climbed the the largest Sand fine in Europe- in arcachon- it was a serious workout. Hill walking is a great way to work legs especially if it is a long and steep hill route. This i because the legs have to move forward as well as carry the weight of the body upwards. 
You should aim to walk a route that is about 3 or more miles as it would require time to work your body fully 
Foods for hill walking: as it is an endurance activity a fair few carbs but it is not too intense so I would not go over the top and I would stick to a balanced diet pretty much. 

Please +1 everything, comment, eat clean and work hard- peace !



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