Thursday, 6 August 2015

New workout day 1 analysis

Welcome to 5.14 Fitness,

Is post will go over the day 1 of 14 day workout I am completing whilst I am on holiday in Turkey, there are 3 days worth of exercise that will be repeated over and in a cycle. So on the fourth day of the two weeks I will be performing day 1 routine again.

Also remember that if you are trying this workout yourself remember it is designed for my ability and towards my goals. My goals are trying to improve my cardio vascular fitness in order to get ready for the football season but also to gain some in the legs and upper body as well as definition and strength in the core. 

I run for 20 minutes as a pulse raising activity and a sort of warm up for the rest of my routine to get my blood flow increasing and muscles warmed up. I also start off slower and gradually get faster until I sprint for the last minute also as a form of warming up but also to vary my speed and to make my body work a little harder and push my self further I order to give it my full efforts. This routine is also used by the England national football team, so if it's good enough for them it's good enough for me!

The majority of the workout is then using the free weights targeting my upper body in particular my arms. I work through a variety of different weights and reps in order to warm up and gradually work up but also to get a balanced workout so it improves many areas not just one, ie bulk as well as definition. I also work in a pyramid styled way of training to warm up and cool down so there is less chance of me pulling a muscle of getting injured.

To finish off I always like to bench a little bit to work on arms and chest and also a bit on the core, I only  bcnh light weights to try to tone the areas not to build tones of muscle mass, this is often a high intensity exercise and brings a nice close to the workout. I keep to working in reps of 10 and then doing 3 sets and working up in woe that's as I said previously I like to warm up and use different weights and to get different results. I like to bench as is the fastest way to get result in the targeted areas as your body is working hard to control the movement of the weights but also keep it stable so it works the muscles a little harder than cables and targets a wider range of muscles. It is also one that I always find gets me really motivated and pumped and it also comes with a few bragging rights.

So this is why I have chosen the actovitoes I do in the first day of the workout more posts in the series to follow, pleas come again, like, follow, plus one, thanks for reading - work hard and peace!



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