Sunday, 1 November 2015

Fitbit Fitness trackers P1

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Hi everybody. It was addressed in the last post how and why their has been a lack of posts. I apologise for it myself!
So, in this post I will shortly talk about my interest in the Fitbit ftiness trackers. Fitbbit is a company who sell fitness bands ( like smart watches ) products that are for tracking and viewing your fitness. Fitbit currently sell 4 products, I believe ,  and they all range in price. 

The first tracker, the Fitbit flex, is about £35 I think, and it has the most basic features of the 4 due to this price. However, it is still a nifty device and the features are Ideal for somebody who wants to keep track of their exercise and sleep. The trackers can pick up on how many steps you have walked, for how long, at what time etc... The tracker keeps a basic, yet accurate, recording on what you do in the day. It will log if you go out for a run, and the band will allow you to see how you did and how to improve.
I believe that the watch pairs to your device ( phone etc) and from there you can view your data 
The band also tracks your sleep and can wake you up without making a noise, which is very handy.
The band looks stylish and sleek, as you can see on the right. 

The next trackers, the Fitbit charge, is about £60. This tracker has the same features as the flex, however it has a few new things. First of all, it has a display on it which tells the time and gives data whilst you are on the go. It can track calories burned , active minutes steps climbed and many more. It has caller ID so links with your phone just like a smart watch. It is more accurate than the flex and also has a extremely long battery life.

Both these products come in a variety of colours, and they both look really nice to have on your wrist. They are cheap and stylish, and perfect if you are somebody who exercises regularly and wants to track your fitness.

Next post I will talk about the other two products, one of which is the tracker I think is the best and the one I am most likely to buy. 

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  1. Fitness trackers are wonderful. I have a version and I really like it. Best wishes to you and happy New Year! Koko