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Cardio- What To Do? Part 3

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Today I will be carrying on a series of posts about Cardio and the different ways to do it.

Almost every sport has cardio implemented, whether it is running in football or swimming in water polo. This cardio is key in order to become a healthier, fitter and thinner person. It is important that Cardio is done ,as without it, a good measure of health can not be achieved. Sport is the perfect way to do Cardio, but there is other ways that can sometimes be more effective ( Jogging for example). The important rule here is: Cardio is key. Aerobically exercising : Getting your heart rate up, sweating and breathing like hell is important for us! Today I will be writing about Cycling and swimming.


Cardiovascular exercise refers to the kind of workout that gets your blood pumping, raises your heart rate, boosts your lung capacity and burns calories. Swimming achieves all four of these with the added benefit of weightlessness that reduces impact on your joints. Cardiovascular exercise is only as good as the effort you put into it. Finding the appropriate pace while swimming can ensure maximum cardiovascular benefits.

Swimming can not feel like much of a workout whilst performing it, due to the fact it makes you pretty weightless and you move quite fast without much force. However, the movement you go through to propel yourself forward during front stroke and backstroke requires energy from your muscles and this means your body  sends more oxygen and blood  to your tissues. In other words, your heart pumps faster, which in Cardio is always a good sign that you are burning calories and getting fit. You burn about 240 calories per 30 minutes swimming, which isn't bad at all. 

Swimming is something that you can do quite easily. Either go to your nearest pool or utilise the earth by going to the sea or a lake. Although this might cost money and be cold, it would be effective if you want to train for a triathlon or some kind of swimming event. Getting into swimming could be something that benefits you as you could discover a real talent and compete in events. The world is your oyster! 


Cycling is much like running, so be sure to check the previous post about that. Cycling is something, I admit, that I do not really do at all. I am not very good on a bike, and so I am writing this not on experience. However, I do have a cousin who is a cycling enthusiast, he competes in competitions and trains every day with expensive gear. From what I can clearly see from him, cycling is something that comes with great enjoyment. Getting on your bike and cycling through the countryside is something that can be very peaceful and satisfying. The wind on your face and the places you can go is appealing for many. Unlike running, Cycling can get you places and you can visit towns and city's during your cardio.

In terms of cardio, Cycling is very effective. Not only does it get your heart beating, it also really strengthens the muscles in your legs. As you can feel, your muscles ache when cycling, but this might hinder how effective the workout is in terms of weight loss. If your muscles get tired quick, you will go slower and thus not burn as many calories. Despite this, you will still burn a lot and become a much stronger person. 
Cycling only requires a bike and  helmet, but you can buy gear like clothes and accessories to make your ride more successful. Apps like Strava can log your workouts and activity, and gadgets can track your rides to precision. Overall, Cycling is a very effective form of Cardio.    

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