Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Cardio - What to do? Part 2

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Today I will be carrying on a series of posts about Cardio and the different ways to do it.

Almost every sport has cardio implemented, whether it is running in football or swimming in water polo. This cardio is key in order to become a healthier, fitter and thinner person. It is important that Cardio is done ,as without it, a good measure of health can not be achieved. Sport is the perfect way to do Cardio, but there is other ways that can sometimes be more effective ( Jogging for example). The important rule here is: Cardio is key. Aerobically exercising : Getting your heart rate up, sweating and breathing like hell is important for us! Today I will be writing about  2 ways- Walking and Running 


Walking is the easiest of the three and also the most relaxing for most people. Walking is something that does not produce the best results as it does not have nearly as much intensity as running or cycling. Walking does little to raise your heart beat and wont make you lose weight as fast as other methods. However, Walking is easy and anybody can do it. Walking is integrated into our lives; we walk to get places and do work. Walking burns calories as it is engaging you muscles and is a form of exercise. Albeit not the most effective form, but nevertheless a form. 

Walking can be done easily- just get out the house and go for a stroll. If you can, walk the fastest speed possible as this will burn the most calories. Walk to the gym, or the park, or your friends house. Whatever the reason, walking at a speed is a good thing and is the perfect choice of exercise if you are incapable of strenuous activity. For example, if you are elderly, a walk can not only make you fitter but make you a lot healthier too! 


Running is the most well known and an extremely good form of cardio. Running gets your heart rate up quickly and there is not many better ways to lose weight and get fit. Running only requires yourself and space, and I am sure there is plenty of space right outside your door. Whether, like most people , you get up early to run around your neighbourhood or you go for a late night jog, running is always going to be considered the go-to for cardio. 

Because of its popularity, Running has never been more amazing. There is a whole host of apps that can map your run, give you results and data, and pretty much make running as fun and effective as possible. For more information, look over some previous posts about apps like Strava and Google fit. 
There is a wide range of electronic gear to track your run and heart rate, as well as stylish clothing that makes running more comfortable. Wristbands like Fitbit track your sleep patterns also to extend the benefits of your run.  This form of cardio is perfect for those who do not have space and want results. It can be hard, yet is worth all the sweat and pain. Motivation is just a click away, there is a host of websites with helpful motivating features to encourage your run. With running, there is no excuses:  you can find the most unfit people running down your street sometimes. Whoever you are, Running , Jogging , sprinting or whatever you want to call it is just a few steps away...

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