Monday, 19 October 2015

Sorry + current ab workout

Welcome to 5.14 fitness,

I apologise for no posts of late, but unfortunately due to circumstances this will be a repeating issue over the next year, with myself and will both occupied with school work and exams. 

However I thought I would do a very quick post on my current workout:

For abdominals 5 sets of 

25 reps crunches 
25 reps left/right side crunches
25 reps right/left some crunches
25 reps bicycle reverse crunches 
25 reps Russian twists 
25 reps jackknives
25 reps leg raises 
1 min held leg raise 6 inches from floor 

Thanks for reading, please visit again and check out other posts, if you have any questions or post requests do not hesitate to contact us, remember to plus one everything, comment and follow- work hard and peace!



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