Monday, 27 October 2014

A Bodybuilders Nutrition Guide

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A bodybuilder:  is a person who strengthens and enlarges the muscles of their body through strenuous exercise (Google). This simply means a person who exercises in order to get bigger and stronger by gaining size, so this means that all you guys out there who are trying to get a little bigger are bodybuilders; and that the term does not just apply to those 6"6, 300 pound gym-nuts wearing a shirt that is clearly 2 sizes too small but you don't want to tell them sort of guy. This is a guide that will help you get bigger no matter if you are 150 pounds or 350 pounds, your goal focus is primarily the same.


So the key food group for gaining size is protein. Protein helps with muscles growth and repair and is essentially what makes your muscle bigger.  I know I have said it before but foods such as meats, fish, nuts and beans are great sources of this food groups. In fact the best source of protein is from everyone's favourite meat: chicken. Chicken is particularly helpful as it is delicious, full of goodness (protein) and it is also a white meat which have far less saturated fats and chemicals than red meats. Another food that I would recommend would be a mixture of nuts (unsalted/roasted etc.) peanuts and brazil nuts are small but contain high percentages of protein and if you are snacking these are definitely the ones to go for as you eat them straight out the pack.  The final protein based beverage I will mention is protein shakes; these are a type of powder which you add to water then drink. It is much disputed whether you should take these or not, I am not going to get into to details on this now, but to be short I would avoid taking them until you are at least sixteen and started to fill out a bit more, but although they do make your shit go runny they are very affective as long as your body is capable of absorbing the protein it is taking in, so there is no point in taking more than 2 or these a day. If you want to gain maximum size eat about 4/5 times a day (to provide your body with energy and fuel)  and make protein based foods make up about 25% of your overall diet, obviously the more you protein you eat the bigger the muscles but do not forget other food groups- they all serve a purpose an all meat meal would not only taste boring but will be high in fat and cholesterol.

Dairy is the other food group you should aim to increase as it too provides protein, but also calcium which helps bones grow and strengthen, which also gives more size. I try to have as much milk as possible, 2-3 glasses a day will really benefit, however do be aware of fat levels (green top is what I advise). 15% of diet would be a beneficial amount. For more information check out previous posts.

Other groups:
  • carbohydrates- give us long lasting energy which is what we need for our workouts and put the protein to good use- 30%
  • fruit and vegetables- help us absorb foods and digest properly also give natural sugars and vitamins to help development- 30% 
  • fatty foods- provide short release energy  and are the easiest way of gaining size (fat not muscle) but can lead to conditions in later life and harm the body- 10%
Hope this helps, please do all the normal stuff, come again, all following is returned and new posts coming soon- work hard and peace!



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