Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Daily Diary: Diet Change

Welcome to 5.14 Fitness

As I mentioned in a previous post about a week ago now, I am trying a new routine and diet in order to achieve my new goals. These goals being: more size (in arms and legs especially) and increased strength/performance.

To be honest, I am not enjoying the new diet; of eating pretty much anything. I am feeling bloated and unhealthy constantly. Therefore I have decided to change the diet around a bit, I still want lots of calories however I will get this from healthy sources of protein. Now I will target foods like nuts and beans for my fats and proteins rather than KFC and chocolate, this is because these unhealthy foods do cause a lot of damage: raising cholesterol, blood pressure, increasing risks of cancer, diabetes and heart problems- all things you do not want to deal with as the can result in shortening your life and preventing you from doing the things you want to do.

The New Diet 

  • Carbohydrates- 25%, the fuel for workouts and what makes you last the whole day full of energy, in my opinion a food group that people often skimp on and as a result are very lack-luster and tired, which is affecting their ability to exercise. Good sources: Cereal, bread, pasta. Some at every meal.
  • Fruit and vegetables-25%, the fibre used to dispose of waste is found in this group, along side many vitamins that we need to keep our body healthy. Fruit have the vitamins, but vegetables help us increase our absorbtion levels so we absorb as much goodness as possible from the foods we eat. Without them we would piss/shit half the stuff we need down the toilet. Good sources: carrots, oranges, apples, peaches, broccoli; I will try to push more for vegetables.
  • Protein-20%, our body's natural steroid, what we use to help our muscles grow and repair. The more of this we get to our muscles the bigger and stronger they get. Simple as that! Good sources; protein shakes (if over 16), chicken, nuts and beans. Avoid red meats of foods too high in fat.
  • Dairy-15%, it helps our bones and muscles grow by providing us with protein and calcium, this will help our bodies fill out and get thicker and denser. Which is exactly what I need for my sports, and to increase my strength and performance. Good sources: milk, cheese, yogurt. But beware of the high fat content!
  • Fatty foods-5% Gives us short release energy and will help us get bigger the quickest but will also provide too much energy and lead to extortionate fat storage and obesity. If not kept in moderation leads to all signs of problems, check the USA and UK out as living proof.
So this is how I am planning on changing my diet to, as I want to get the results but also feel healthy and have a clear conscious that I am only doing good towards my body, after all you only get one.

Please do all the usual stuff, more posts coming soon, including how my workouts are going. Please come again, thanks for reading, all following returned- work hard and peace!



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