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I know it has been a few days since I last posted and for that I apologise. However, I have been so busy over the last few days, I have hardly had time to exercise let alone post. This has been mostly due to my participation in physical activity as this is the time of year where all my commitments are at peak season and overlap. More bad news- this next week is going to get even busier, so if I do have time to post I might not have time/energy to exercise fully.

I have barely workout at all this week, this has been due to the fact I do not want to tire or over work myself as I know I have more competitive activity the following. So I admit I have been holding back in order to make sure that I go the distance and do all the things I have signed on for.

A routine that I have been keeping to more strictly (even over these past few days) has been stretching.
Stretching is a great way to increase flexibility (and control) as well as helping prevent you from injuries, increasing performance (as you have more control over muscles and they react shaper due to the build up of acid/energy being sent round the body), but stretching can also improve posture.
Posture is not important?
Here are some benefits:
  • keeps bones and joints aligned, so muscles can be used to their full extent
  • decreases the irregular erosion of joints
  • relieves stress on the ligaments holding the joints in the spine
  • keeps the spine healthy and mobile
  • helps you stay more energised during the day, you do not tire as easily as you are not wasting energy on moving unnecessary movements
  • prevents muscular pains and cramps
  • relaxes the body, so it helps wind down your body to go to sleep
  • helps you 'grow'. Your body is straighter making you taller, even though your body is still the same size. Like a curved line and straight line, the straight line looks longer but they are the same length
  • it is also more appealing to the opposite gender to have good posture and not slump over     
I try to stretch at least twice a day- even when I am not feeling tight or playing sport. I stretch once in the morning to help shake off any cramps or muscle pains and to prepare my self for the day and once at night in order to help me sleep easier, as sleeping is when your body changes. You should hold stretches for 30 seconds this enables enough acids to reach the targeted muscles and prepare your body, I know it seems like a long time but new research shows anything less does not do the job properly and you might as well not stretch at all. I was given this information by a UK doctor when I was receiving therapy on my knee, and they are properly one of the more reliable sources.

Hope this helps, thanks for reading, please do all the normal stuff (all following to be returned)- work hard, peace!


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