Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Daily Dairy: Gym Reboot and Routine

Welcome to 5.14 Fitness,

Just another diary post this time, so as I have said in recent posts I have been trying to gain size ( in particular in legs, arms and chest). Todays post will be a review of progress.

So I have been doing normal arm workouts everyday as well as going gym every day as well- I have to admit, I have cut back on abs and only been doing the occasional workout. At the gym I am only lifting medium/light weights due to the fact I am paranoid of stunting growth, but weights are still the fastest get bigger. Another thing about lighting to heavy is that the muscle force exerted will shared out around the body in order to make it easier to light, so perhaps only 5kg of a 10kg weight will reach your bicep. It is because of this that I am very selective over the weights I use, for bicep I think 7kg is about enough without causing any real damage. For more information on lighting weights check out my previous posts.
So my weight routine consists of:
  • 3 sets 25 reps 7kg bicep
  • 3 sets 12 reps 10kg chest (dumbbell)
  • 2 sets 25 reps 30kg bench (warm up)
  • 3 sets 10 reps 40kg bench
  • 1 set 25 reps 50kg pull down bar
  • 5 sets 12 reps 25kg legs
As for my results I am yet to say I am seeing any physically, but have not yet been doing this new routine for a week yet so I think it will take a bit longer than a couple of days to see anything. On the other hand I am already feeling more energetic during the day, I am sleeping better and I am feeling stronger- so that is all positive.

Moving on to my diet; to say I have kept it clean would be a lie. It has been high calorie, but I am disappointed to say that it has not been all the fatty foods that are good for you (like nuts). Although I have had a lot of fruit, vegetables and protein; I have been snacking and eating a lot of sugary foods (these do help build muscle though so it might not be as bad as I thought)!
Ideally lots of protein and carbohydrates are what I am after and are what I am trying to target next week as my area of improvement.

That is it for this post, more to come soon I promise. Thanks for reading, please do all the normal stuff- work hard and peace!



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