Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Daily Dairy: Dairy Increase

Welcome to 5.14 Fitness,

Well today is the third day of my new programme and I am yet to see any real physical improvements, however as I said this is only the third day! I will post a big progress review by day 25 to see if I am noticing any real changes and make any adjustments to the new routine.

As you may already know I have been trying to increase my calorie intake in order to provide plenty of fuel for my muscles. Foods I have found particularly useful are proteins such as nuts and beans (which I have lots of everyday) as well as more milk based products.

Here is the thing with dairy, I have consciously been trying to consume more dairy for about a year. As it contains fat and calcium which is good for both muscle and bone (in moderation). I started this due to the fact I read it as a weird tip to put on size was to drink more milk?

Well as someone who didn't even put milk on his cereal for breakfast in the morning, I was thinking that I could do with some more of this, as I wanted to reach the optimum weight for my activities, where bones need to be big and strong. So I started putting it on my cereal as well as having a big glass full of the stuff at least once a day.

Well over the next few months I dipped in and out with milk, some days I would have up to 3 glasses others half a glass, but the important thing was I had it every day. Now about a year onwards I can honestly tell you that I feel more filled out and developed (but this could be due to natural processes), like my bones are fuller and heavier .

Other benefits of milk consumption include:

  • Reduced risk of cardiovascular (heart) problems and blood pressure
  • Less chance of developing colorectal and breast cancer
  • Stronger and healthier teeth
  • Reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes
  • Weight loss
I feel like milk is really helping me with my developments so please give it a try, more posts coming soon.

Thanks for reading, hope this helps you guys please do all the normal stuff- peace!

  • Jason


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