Sunday, 23 August 2015

My Start To Jogging/Running Week 2

Welcome to 5.14 fitness,

As you can see from my previous posts, I had decided to go running four times a week whilst I am on my six week holiday. The reason for this was to have an exercise which I could maintain and fit into my schedule as it gets jumbled around and becomes hectic due to the holiday. I wanted to do something that makes you feel good and helps as I will be eating more and being active less. Running was what I decided on doing, and I have done exactly that.

So, after my first week of running I went on holiday for a week. During this week, I decided to do no running or training at all. I know this is bad, but the reason behind it was that I wanted to enjoy my holiday. I knew doing training would only make my time for relaxing not relaxing and would make me unhappy. I didn't want to have the weight of having to workout on my mind, so that I could fully enjoy every precious minute of holiday. Also, I had not stopped training for more than 3 days for a year prior to this holiday, so thought I had earned 7 days off.

Anyway, when I came back from holiday I felt very bad physically  as I had eaten a ton of unhealthy food on holiday. I was eating double my usual intake and so afterwards I was quite worried as I had been so unhealthy. Therefore, I decided to amp up the running for a week to make up for the excess food and little exercise. I ran immediately the day after and surprisingly, felt very good whilst doing it. I ran 5k and actually rarely had to stop. I managed to pace myself more and could keep on going for big distances. At some points it felt as though I could carry on running forever, however I stopped for my body's sake. 

The rest of the week was very good, and I did see improvements in a short distance of time. I varied the routes so that it was not as boring, however I still did not enjoy it.
I will be honest, I hoped to enjoy the runs more. Beforehand, I hoped running would be something I enjoyed, as I have still yet to find a individual form of exercise that I like doing. With running, It is ok once I am doing it ;however, the morning and night before a jog I don't like the feeling of knowing I have to get up and run ( if that makes sense ). Hopefully, that will surpass and I will carry on. The weeks following have all been good, and I have never faltered on a run. I have got lost sometimes however!!

Overall, Running has been a very good from of exercise and it has felt very good to complete runs and feel professional. It has improved my fitness levels and I hope I will carry on doing it. I recommend trying it out as all you need is the great outdoors( or a treadmill). Get strava on your phone and you will be good to go and track your results.

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