Friday, 15 August 2014

Eating according to what you are doing

Hey 5.14 Fitness, 

Being struggling with the Internet here in France so please excuse any delays in my posts. 
So I am going to talk about eating according to what activities you will do. So this basically means that you need to eat to a different diet according to what to are going to do. For example if I was going to do a 50 mile bike ride, I would eat mostly carbohydrates as they give you lots of energy- which is crucial for an activity that goes over a long period of time ( an endurance task )! So there would be no point me eating a load of fruit and vegetable before this activity because, although they are good for you, they would be less effective for this task as they do not provide enough slow burning energy. 
I am now going to make a sort of table to show what you should it before certain activity types.

Normal resting, casual sport/work ( going to work ) = equals a balanced diet 

High intensity ( eg big work out )= High calories for energy - carbs, fats, and protein. (Meats, fish, cereal, nuts and milk) 

Endurance ( long distance exercises) = Lots of slow burning energy- carbs and good fats. (Cereal, bread, pasta, nuts and milk)

Body building (working muscles at gym or at home) = Mainly protein to build muscles. (Meats, fish, nuts, beans and milk) 


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