Monday, 11 August 2014


Hey 5.14 Fitness,

Just checked into our first room in France; a little place called Rouen. This is just our first stop off point before we proceed to our villa in the south. Have not had much time to work out yet, other than a 25 rep press up session this morning. Trying to shake off some travel sickness at the moment, so I will exercise once I am feeling a bit brighter. Been up since before 4 am ( English time ), so I think some rest is in order! Make sure you follow the blog - press the +1 in the nav bar- follow me, comment what you think and that you train hard and eat clean, peace! 


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  1. Hiya Jason liking what you are doing but your posts only seem to concern bodybuilding fitness rather than activities such a jogging and as an older reader you could see why I would find this kind of info more useful. Thanks