Thursday, 28 August 2014


Welcome to 5.14 Fitness, 

I am going to start off with something quite serious, the reason I did not post the other day was because I was visiting a close friend of mine who has just been diagnosed with cancer.

 This is obviously a very bad situation, however later that day I was able to use this emotion to push my self harder and increase the  intensity of my workouts. This makes exercising more effective so I will be able to train the same, but with a greater intensity, I will be able to get better results.

Other ways to increase your intensity by using your emotions to motivate yourself to work harder and reach your goals, is to listen to inspiration music. This does not necessarily have to be a dramatic all out, heart felt song, but something that clicks with you and gets you pumped and rearing to achieve. For me 'Am I wrong?' does the job, but I also vibe with Eminem tracks- such as 'Not afraid', 'No love' and 'Survival'- but it is really a song that gets your adrenalin rushing and this varies from person to person.
You can also do the same by thinking of situations that get you wanting to work hard ( often sad ones )or your personal goals and imagining you reaching them. These are all great forms of motivation that can improve your workouts, and results making your goals one step closer to reality.

Hope this helps thanks for reading; plus one everything, follow and comment, eat clean and work hard- peace!



  1. I don't think I could ever do exercise without listening to inspirational music