Friday, 8 August 2014


Hi all,

First time writing blog (so allow any mistakes or errors- I will try to learn as quickly as possible) but it has been something I have been interested in doing for a long time especially something I feel so passionately about - fitness and health. So here is what I am going to do: I have set me self numerous goals and targets to work towards concerning my personal health and fitness, I have set no time limit as I am testing to see how long it takes for me to reach them. I will track and record my progress daily and post as often as I can, in an attempt to pass my knowledge on to you and perhaps any information you have, you can share with me!

So moving on to some information about myself; I am a fourteen year old teenager from England, a country not known for its shining health reputation. However, I (myself) am a great lover of sport, I play football, (real football using our feet, not the American version of what we call "Rugby for Wimps" no offence!) badminton, rugby, basketball, golf and I am currently heading for my blue belt in karate. In addition, in the summer I also do athletics; 4 x 100m relay, 300m, 800m, cross country as well as high jump and long jump.

Your probably wondering "Why is someone who does a lot of physical activity writing a blog about improving health and fitness?" Well the truth is, I have already achieved a certain level of health, but I am very competitive and I am trying to push my self further to see how much more I can progress  and to become a stronger competitor in everything that I do. Does not everyone want to do the best they can do? So the number one reason why I work out is to improve my performance in each for my sports and in new activities that I try I will find them a lot easier to start out with as I will have developed my general sporting ability.
I was once told that you need three things to work-out successfully:


and that these qualities can get you to any goal, I standby this and encourage others to do the same and get active as even though we know certain things about fitness we do not all know the body mechanics and how to do things effectively and this is why I am starting this blog: to share my findings so others can have a more productive time learning from what I have done well and what mistakes I have made. 
Other reasons for working out: increases life expectancy and helps the body work better, releases feel-good hormones called endorphins, relieves stress, other people of the same gender instantly respect you and get slightly jealous of you as the brain picks up that looking healthy is a more attractive look than being unhealthy therefore attracting those of the opposite sex.     

So back to the fitness stuff, I am going to share workouts and exercises I do with you guys and track the progress that I make, finding out what is effective and works well and what does not. Okay, what are my personal goals? When working out there are 3 types of goals to choose from and any target you have will fit in to one of these headings: Performance, Aesthetics, Social.
Performance is stuff like power (being strong enough to lift heavier things), speed (work on gaining speed) , endurance (improving stamina, doing an activity over a longer period of time) and balance (not falling over so easily). By working on each of these 4 topics will improve your performance but each one will do it differently.
Aesthetics is how you look so factors like size and definition play a part in the way that you work out.
Social is to do with building self esteem, relieving stress and making new friends whilst exercising.
I will post specific workouts for each of these topics and go in to more detail on this subject at a later date.
Back to my goals then. Well for chest, shoulders and abs I am wanting to get stronger but also gain a fair few inches in size and increase definition, particularly on abs. However, on legs I will push purely for performance, but this is my lowest priority and after picking up a knock in my left leg at football training last week, it could be a while before they see any intense action.

My routine 

I normally stretch twice a day - if your wondering why I include this it is because stretching muscles to warm them up is equally as important as exercising itself- once in the morning and once before I go to bed. I work abs at least once a day as well a press ups equally as regularly, I lift once a week on a Sunday. I will start to run 4 miles a day and complete a all-round routine once my leg has had some time to heal.

Next post will come as soon as possible with more information on specific topics 
Please comment any ideas or suggest any improvements

This has been Jason signing out for the first time, play hard- work harder  and peace!      


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