Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Intensity week

Hey 5.14 Fitness,

Just another progress check I am afraid! Today I am generally feeling quite tired with waves of energy surging on occasion. After completing an 8km kayaking route along France's coldest river ( a great way to burn fat and strengthen arms ), I did some heavy rep lighting o the light weights (5kg), before ending my day with my normal ab routine! However, I have to say I have not been eating to well, after tonight's barbecue and some snacking and soft drinks throughout the day, I am a little disappointed with my self, but I would rather eat than reach a catabolic state- where your body breaks down muscle for energy instead of fat! So there is an area to improve tomorrow, but I did have more dairy today so that is a good thing. I am feeling great about myself every time I look in the mirror and I am also receiving complements around me due to my hard work. My core is feeling stronger and looking defined and well structured; die to the lighting arms are now catching up. Cannot wait to get home and to start running again and really burn some fat! 

Thanks for reading; please plus one everything, comment and follow, eat clean and work hard- peace!



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