Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Intensity week

Hey 5.14 Fitness,

Another tiring day at the villa, after a day of walking, swimming, weight training and about to finish with some ab work and stretching. I will need a good night sleep as I will require all my energy for the  canoeing and workouts planed for tomorrow.
 I still think I am progressing well as my abs have gained some finer definition and my arms are finally putting on some size. I am worried about my running though, there is little space to run safely due to the fact I am surrounded by pathless roads filled with tractors and lorries, I will have to work hard at my stamina to get back to where I was once we arrive d in the UK.
I have also been remembering to eat clean, and to stay away from processed meat and fatty foods. However, I am struggling to gain calcium as I do not was t to consume full fat milk or goats milk which seems to be the only options and my all my calcium comes from cheese and yogurts. 

Thanks for reading; remember to +1 everything, comment, follow, eat clean and to train hard- peace!



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