Sunday, 10 August 2014


So just a quick post this morning; thought I would walk you guys through what I did yesterday.
I am going to jump straight in and start so without further a do:
  • 1 set of press-ups 55reps (hold from a second and a half to 2 seconds)
  • Lower abdominal workout : (I posted about this the other day, got it from "SixPack Shortcuts") So 1 rep = bicycle crunch (left + right) followed by a jack-knife sit up, one set lasts 30 seconds, up to 15 seconds rest, 7 sets
  • 1 set of diamond centre press-ups 25 reps
  • My general abdominal workout: 50 reps of standard sit-ups, 50 reps right sided sit-ups, 50 reps left sided sit-ups, 50 reps of bicycle crunches (left + right count as one rep) and 50reps of Russian twists (I will go into more detail for this workout at a later date)
  • 1 set of press-ups 25 reps (hold from a second and a half to 2 seconds)
So this is all I did yesterday, does not seem like too much as I only worked abs and arms, but that is due to my leg injury -expect the same today-. However, I will be able to start working out fully again by Monday so prepare for an intense week next week.
So results and thoughts from yesterday's workout. I actually struggled slightly with the press ups but this was due to me trying to hold them for too long,. In particular were the diamond centred ones, but these will always be harder as the weight is focused in a smaller area. I am disappointed to say that I am yet to see any great results aesthetically from my push-ups, my arms re very hard when I tense but size is something they still lack. Moving on to the sit-ups, I was forced to cut the lower abdominal workout short due to other commitments, something I do not recommend, I believe you should always make time for a workout therefore I shall do double of them today. I did say the other day that I was impressed by the results of this workout and I stand by that. I am starting to get definition in my "V " line something that I did not have before I started this workout. The general ab workout is a great way to strengthen muscles and to burn fat, it is one that I have worked up to over a long time and has always produced good results, as it works every part of your abs. The only thing is to get the best possible results I recommend doing an effective fat burning exercise as often as this workout, as it intends to build muscle underneath the fat so when the muscles grow, the fat is pushed outwards. By doing a good fat burning workout, you burn this fat leaving the muscles to long bigger and with better definition.   

I will post a new page today so keep looking and make sure that you follow me and comment of the posts could really do with some feedback, train hard,



  1. Can you show us some of these exercise because i don't know all of them, maybe a new page ? :)

  2. Pics or images would be great!