Monday, 11 August 2014

Eating preview ( Carbohydrates )

Hi 5.14 Fitness

Was going to do a page on eating well this evening but as I am away and without my laptop, I am having to blog via the app. Which does not let you write pages only posts! Here is a preview of what I will post as a page when I get back...

So I am going to cut to the chase and get started. Everyone knows that we need to eat fruit and vegetables as well as carbohydrates, protein and dairy with as little fats as possible. To start with I shall go through each of these food types and explain what they do.


Carbs are a great source of slow long lasting energy and should be eaten with every meal.  
When we eat these types of food, our body breaks down the carbohydrate into starch. Starch should make up about 50% of the energy that our bodies use; it is the fuel that gets used first ( before any protein, fat or alcohol). In addition, it is also used to build cell walls in order to protect our cells.  If we did not eat carbohydrates are bodies would lack energy especially after exercise- if we could still do it, our bodies would feel flat, heavy and lifeless. 
Some carbs are high in fat and can often lead to gaining weight, this is often true if you are not burning the calories you are putting on, these carbs should be avoided if you are not exercising. However, there are many carbohydrate foods that are also low in fat and in calories, they are pretty plain and basic, so these carbs are good to eat when you are trying to loose weight, these are the types of carbohydrates that we should aim to incorporate into our diets with if we are planning on exercising.
Foods that are high in carbs include: Cereal, bread, pasta and rice
It is particularly effective too eat these food before a high intensity workout or activity, this is so that you do not run out of energy when you body is burning its fuels quickly. People who eat a high carb diet are often endurance sports specialists such as 'Tour de France' riders or long distance runners, so if you are a regular jogger this is the diet for you! 


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