Saturday, 9 August 2014

Press Ups


Just wanted to make a quick post on an exercise that I feel not only works for performance but if completed correctly can add some size and great definition: the press up! I do at least one set of a 55 reps (each hold worth 2 seconds)of these a day, this is because they really help with performance and as you are not lighting heavy weights it is not affecting your development. Furthermore it is an exercise that can be completed absolutely anywhere as all you need is yourself.
I know what your thinking "55 push ups! Sounds like a lot" Well truth be told, it is! This is a feat that took over a year of working up to; I started doing 25 and once I found it easy (normally after a week) I would add on another 5 reps and I would build up. These heavy reps improve strength and gradually add size.
In addition to my heavy reps, I also do lesser reps normally about 25. I do these to improve my form and to increase the percentage of weight that my target muscles receive. To elaborate, when I push heavy my  target muscles (triceps and biceps) may struggle to cope and end up spreading the load to other muscles that I am not trying to work. So my arms may only take 60% of the load and other muscles make up the other 40%. Therefore by doing lower reps I increase the percentage of weight on my target muscles. So I could do 100 reps but if my muscles only receive 50% of this, and I can do 75 reps but my arms receive 90% of this (as I find it easier) it will be more effective to do the 75 reps. To conclude, by doing low reps I increase the effectiveness of a workout, so when I do push for higher reps, I work my target muscles as much as possible.

Hope this helps guys, train hard,


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