Sunday, 31 August 2014

Kayaking amongst other things

Welcome to 5.14 Fitness,

I have just got back from an all day kayaking trip, 8 miles (12.8 km) upstream- so it was hard work to fight against the current! It was preparation for my kayaking expedition which will be 26 miles (equal to a marathon) that I will start not this Saturday but the one after and finish on that Sunday evening, hopefully!

So time for some information on why kayaking is a great form of exercise:
  • It works numerous body parts including; back, core, arms and chest. Even though the action of paddling is fairly unchallenging after hundreds of repetitions, this straight forward motion is a great way of  toning these muscles and burning fat. This is because you have to be active all the time so calories are being used up constantly, so it also helps with weight loss.
  • Kayaking relieves stress, by being active and outdoors, your body become move relaxed and at home to its self, Any aggression or anger can be taken out on the intensity of the exercise.
  • It is simply great fun, why do you think it is one of the worlds most rapidly growing sports? What is not to like?
Okay, so I am going to move on to some other news, and that is that thorough having a word with a couple of mates and some contacts of mine, I have managed to get a free gym pass for a month at a new gym in my area! Perks of being a blogger!  The conditions are that I have to fill in some reviews and questionnaires about how I find it and encourage other young people to do the same. Well to uphold my end of the bargain, I shall post daily on how things our going, what equipment and exercises I have done and found effective but also giving you the lowdown on what things to avoid.

So I will start this as soon as my body has recovered, I will give myself a few days of low intensity training, before pushing at the start of the term and seeing how much progress I make in them 14 weeks.  

Hope this helps, thanks for watching; please comment, plus one, follow, eat clean and train hard- peace!



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