Thursday, 21 August 2014

Intensity week (kinda)

Wassup 5.14 Fitness,

Another quick progress check for a post today, sorry to disappoint but I will be back from France by next week so yeah... 
I have a confession today I did over sleep, which is not good as it makes your body gain weight a you are hardly burning any calories! But after a slow start I hit arms heavy with more weight work and heavy rep lighting. This was followed by archery, which is not only great fun but it improves coordination and vision and on the heavy bows boy does it work your arms. I have now just rounded the day off with the ab workout as per usual. I am still feeling pumped and ready, and my abs are making great progress with strength and definition and well as general improvements in my triceps and biceps which is what I am really aiming for. To improve I could do with being more enthusiastic in the mornings and a bit of cardio would not hurt, therefore when I come back to the UK, I will not struggle so much.

Thanks for reading; remember plus one everything, follow and comment, eat clean an work hard- peace!



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