Tuesday, 30 December 2014


This will be the final post for the 2014 version of the Daily Diaries series on this blog.

If you do want to know more about the other Daily Diaries be sure to check out the older posts, as this will help generate a feel and opinion towards the series over a far longer period of time.

Goals For The Week

It has been Christmas and my birthday back to back, so to be frank I already knew and had allocated myself some time away from my routines and exercises as I thought for once a year I could allow myself some time to relax and be goal-free- I would not have to worry about my shape and I could simply enjoy myself!

Therefore, with this in mind, I had decided to go for a pretty workout free break, I was aware that I would be unable to go to the gym at all due to the fact it has shut temporarily and I would be busy all the time (doing nothing, just lounging about with friends and family) to exercise. However I did say to myself that I would try to fit in a couple of mini-workouts here and there to ensure that I maintain some fitness over the break and so that I do not loose all that I had worked for, it is always harder to come back and perform at the same levels as your body will have changed a bit.

As for diet, I knew I would gain a few extra kilos from all the edible gifts and goods I receive at this time of year and they have to be eaten of course. On top of that, the Christmas diet is not exactly a healthy one: lots of snacking in-between meals; lots of fatty or sweet indulgences; a complete lack of healthy or nutritious foods;staying in the warm doing little to zero activity! This is obviously not the ideal healthy active lifestyle of which we should all be living but it is once a year where people come together give and receive and treat themselves to a merry end of the year- and this was my plan for the break!

What Actually Happened

Forgive me for being blunt: things went pretty much to plan! When I am trying to work on biceps or loose a bit of fat 101 problems and scenarios present themselves, but when I want to live a fair inactive life things go exactly to schedule- what's that about!
Being serious I shall elaborate, the first week of my holiday has literally flown by and I have been suffering from the worst cold and chest infection that I have ever had. Trapping in front of the television all day and night with a box of chocolates, honey filled drinks, and a few mince pies to keep me company. I think you are capable of imagining what happened next.

The second week has already been more successful today I played football pretty much all day ( I am exhausted as you would imagine and my decreased fitness levels were clearly brought to light), but this will start to do me good- exercising again. In addition I have found myself some time to do a some press-ups, low reps (30) admittedly but a reasonable amount of sets to balance this out, so things are gradually falling back into place.

Despite my poor lifestyle and diet I am yet to see too much difference in my physical appearance, yes I feel weaker and my body is drained from the cold, but the aesthetical appearance of my body is reasonably untarnished. I admit to a little extra cushioning around the gut and towards the love handles but other than that...

Next Week

I hope to continue to get back into my routines and be able to exercise again, in particular I am looking to work abs to ensure I am able to chisel a 6 pack from under all the new fat in that area. I also intend to be able to go to the gym again, I understand that I will have to take things easy there so that I do not try to do too much whilst out of practise to ensure I do not get injuries or such like.

Diet-wise I would like to start to eat fruit such as oranges that contain the vitamin C just so I can shake the back lash of this cold and be hassle free to work out and improve myself once more. Another area of which I have been deficient of late is in the calcium department so I also intend to really hit the milk to make up for this.

Morals of The Week

The only thing would be to recommend taking some time out occasionally, I know I posted on this a few days ago so I will not ramble too much. But a break allows your body time to grow and develop so it is not always a bad thing if kept in moderation, so just remember that thought

Alas this concludes Daily Diaries 2014, but it is likely to return in 2015 so if you would like to see more of this be sure to comment, contact me, plus one, following is returned as well as subscriptions, thanks for reading please check out other posts as well, more coming soon- work hard and peace!


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