Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Why We Need To Know How To Size Down

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So this post is again to be on something that I have not really touched on before: sizing down. We spend all our time trying to get bigger and stronger, but when do we want to get smaller and weaker.

Why do we want to put on size? To make us look more aesthetically appealing or attractive. To get stronger to be able to perform better in sports or activities. It could also be a pass time hobby, some people exercise or try to get bigger simply because they enjoy the challenge.

How do we put on size? We lift heavy weights, doing many sets of  low reps. This works on power as the muscles are being asked repeatedly to explode against a heavy resistance. We also eat lots of high calorie foods to provide us with the energy and fuel that our muscles require to grow and complete the exercises set.

So why am I talking about sizing down? How could this ever be desirable? Have you ever seen an sport star that has retired and has got fat? Examples lots of (real) footballers such as Alan Brasil or Paul Mercer others include a lot of former American footballers or rugby player, boxers etc. It is often sport stars that relied on power and required size to perform to their maximum throughout their career.

It is often the case that if you do not size down efficiently after you have finished with body building you will get fat. And you will have to stop body building at one stage for one reason or another; whether it be old age or injury etc. So to be able to size down properly, you need to have practised. You need to have the knowledge to be able to work down and cut down on size.

In the next posts to follow, I will explain exactly how to size down. Check the pages for some new ones as I am also planning to add some more parts the series I have started. Remember to check out other posts, all following is returned, please plus 1 and add the blog to your reading list. In addition all comments and suggestions are appreciated. Thanks for reading please come again- work hard and peace!



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