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This post is the fourth in which I talk about my journey from being very fat , to just the right weight. I went from a BMI of 27 to 19.8 in two years, and so have gone from very overweight to below normal weight. I can not really determine an exact time when I lost it all, but will tell you everything I did.

If you haven't read my introduction to this, then please do so- as it might really help you.
So, you have heard up to until I had just started Insanity. For those who can't remember ( or who just don't know ) , Insanity is a two month workout DVD that makes you burn a hell of a lot of calories, as well as build muscle. It uses high-interval training in order to make you work the most sweat- and it is extremely effective. You hardly get any rests, which increases the workload and thus means results occur quicker. It is one of the most effective and popular workout plans on the market.

I was quite fat and overweight when I started Insanity. I did it without really knowing what to expect, and I was spurred on to do it by watching an advert on TV. I recommend watching this advert, as it gives a lot of motivation to get up and exercise.
Anyway, I started Insanity and found the first day extremely hard. It made me sweat and breath so hard that I was in tears, rolling around the floor. Despite the fatigue, I felt so good at the end of it, and I felt ready to carry on going.

However, the tiredness started to kick in the following morning, and my legs hurt so much during the early stages of the day, The fatigue I felt in my body ( especially legs) was off the charts, but when I went to do the second day of Insanity, the fatigue quickly went away when I started working- so don't be worried that you will not be able to carry on after your first day!
After I had finished the second day, I experienced a massive headache- that hurt so much I needed to take pain killers for a whole night. This happened on the third day as well, and on the fourth also. But on the fourth they started to hurt less, and by the end of the week they were gone.

Along with the headaches, the fatigue in my legs also surpassed during the week. I didn't feel a thing from then on, which really signified the progress I had made in such a short time. Another sign of progress was the warm ups.
At the beginning of Insanity, I found the warm-ups very difficult, and had to rest after two of the three sets. During the week, I got better at the warm-ups- and by the end of the two months I could it with ease.

Over the next three weeks, I did Insanity every day apart form Sunday ( which was the rest day ) and I was feeling really good about myself. I was working so hard, and could see that I had slimmed down a bit, and I could perform sport like football easier and my stamina had increased. The workouts were still making me sweat buckets, but I could last for longer without having to rest or collapse to the floor in a mess.
I found it hard at time to have grip on the floor, as I was doing the workouts in bar foot on carpet. It would have been more effective wearing trainers- so I recommend doing that If possible.

Next post- Insanity month 2 and results.

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