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My weight loss journey- Insanity workout guide

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This post is the second in which I talk about my journey from being very fat , to just the right weight. I went from a BMI of 27 to 19.8 in two years, and so have gone from very overweight to below normal weight. I can not really determine an exact time when I lost it all, but will tell you everything I did.

If you haven't read my introduction to this, then please do so- as it might really help you.
Today post is all about the Insanity workout and what happens in it. I will also talk about how it was like for me at the beginning.
To recap, the Insanity workout is a series of DVD'S that put you through incredibly hard and physically tough workouts that aim to make you lose weight and build muscle as well. It lasts two months, but of course you can extend it to longer. The first month consists of 45 minute workouts everyday, and they are workouts that are not for the faint hearted. They make you sweat buckets, and you are exhausted beyond repair at the end.

It is high-interval training- this means you get really short breaks , and long, intense exercises in-between. This is proven to be the most effective way to lose weight and build muscle, however it is very hard. You have to have a lot of motivation to do this- and I found myself considering giving up after I found it so hard to begin with. But after a while, I started to find it easier, and I could keep up with the professional athletes sometimes.
Throughout every Insanity workout, you are instructed by Shaun.T, who is a professional in workouts, and gives you motivation throughout each workout. He is surrounded by athletes, all doing the workout alongside you. This is quite good as you can compare how you are doing to them, and also it can be comforting to see the professionals struggle to do some of the workout ( Yes that is how hard it is!) I thought Shaun T was a really good instructor, and always gave me great motivation and I liked him a lot. He got me through quite a few exercises I couldn't do,

You can download the full calender online, but here it is-

Don't be confused by the confusing names- all the workouts are quite similar. Some go purely for cardio, others work on strength more.

I will now explain what each workout is like:

You start of the workout with a warm-up. This is quite misleading, as the warm-up is very long and makes you sweat a lot- especially at the beginning of your month. It lasts almost 10 minutes, and consists of three sets of a circuit. This circuit always contains almost the same things: jogging, side steps, knee raises, 1 2 3 s etc...
The warm-up really gets your heart working, and it is quite good to recognise results with, I could clearly see that I was finding the warm-up easier with each day- which was great for motivation. Once again, you have little rest periods, just enough time to drink bit of water before exercising again.

After the warm-up, the stretches begin. Once again, this is very misleading. The stretches are incredibly hard, and they really hurt. Nearly all of them are like resistance training exercises, as they use your muscles . Just like a plank, the stretches requite you to pause in a stretch and hold it, causing your muscles to go into overload. This part was probably the hardest part of the workout on most days, which comes as a surprise as it is the stretch part!

After this, you spend the rest of the workout performing high-interval training. This means you are doing exercise after exercise with virtually no breaks. Of course, this leads to floods of sweat, and it pushes you to your limits, For about half an hour, you are working,working and working. Nothing but sweat and heavy breathing as you try to regain your breath. It is pure cardio and muscle work.

You have a cool down for about 3 minutes at the end, just to make sure you do not pick up injuries. This is very similar to the stretches- but not as hard.

Next post- first month of Insanity

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