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Today's post will be another in the popular series Top Sources, where I post a copy of a website or page which I think is full of useful information of which we can all benefit by reading.

By no means is this post my original content it is from the source: which I highly recommend is one you have a look at.

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Exercise. This may seem obvious, but some people either just don't get it, or they do but don't do it right. Start with 5 minutes of stretching, then walk around the block, do as many push ups and crunches as you can. Then cool down again by stretching. If you have trouble starting an exercise routine, you can help by just getting off your butt. Instead of spending your free time on Facebook, in front of the TV, or playing computer games, dance to upbeat music, play football with you friends, clean your room, rent workout DVDs from the library, get an active hobby or a pet! You will get exercise

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Join a sport! There are so many sports out there, one must be perfect for you. If you are overweight, one of the best sports for you to get involved in is swimming. It is a gentle exercise, and exercises your whole body.

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Drink a lot of water. Believe it or not, this actually helps you lose weight, the recommended amount of water to drink is 64oz. Though this may seem a lot, really it only comes down to 4 tall glasses of water, drink one when you get up, one when you come home from school or at lunch, one at dinner, and one at night. One way to know that you are getting enough water is if your urine is clear. You also should drink before, during, and after any sort of exercise, as you need to replace the water you lose in sweat. Reduce soda-drinking to no more than one or two a week. Sodas are full of sugars and empty calories that provide no nutritional value.

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Eat healthily. One of the best ways to start is by eating a big breakfast. You may not realize it but your body just went 8 or more hours without food. If you don't eat, it will go into starvation mode, and you will overeat at lunch and dinner, then your body won't use all of it and will get fat. Also eat way more fruits and veggies than breads or meat. Eat fruit in moderation though, because it is naturally high in sugar. Stay away from over-processed foods, as they contain a lot of fat, sugar, and salt, and hardly anything good. Also, if you eat your big breakfast, it will kick your metabolism into high gear, giving you lots of energy, and you burn fat!

Identify unhealthy habits. Many teens have and afternoon snack where eat things such as cookies, chocolate milk, ice-cream etc. Try to replace those foods with something healthy. Don't eat if you're not hungry.

Another source that is a great source of informative goods is the You Tube video posted in January 2014 by Six pack shortcuts- whom I am also a big fan and proud supporter of so here is that clip for you to check out as well (because I'm feeling generous).

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