Monday, 29 December 2014


I have been doing this workout for more than a month, however I did not do the workout to see results in a month- I did not expect that. If you do not know about the 30 day workout, then please check back on previous posts I have wrote about it. The workout pretty much consists of a 15 minute abs workout followed by some lifting which trains certain parts of the body.

Unfortunately, over the Christmas period ( the last week ), I have become very indulgent and have been eating without any regard to health. A lot of chocolate has entered my body, mainly because I can not refuse as there is so much to eat it can not be wasted!
I have not worked out in 5 days- which is the longest I have been since starting . I try not to think too much about what I have eaten- it is Christmas after all!

Anyway, the workout has been going well and I can start to see results in my strength- mainly I can do more push-ups now! My abs are showing more, however since before Christmas this may have changed.

I have made a few changes here and there to the workout. For Christmas, I acquired a new set of weights ( 15kg ) that I will be using for the workout. This is because I feel if I had more heavy weights my muscles would develop quicker and more effectively.

I am now performing 6 different exercises after the abs instead of four. I have managed to do this in the same time by getting rid of the breaks between sets. I did this because I felt I was not working hard and sweating hard enough. Replacing the breaks with more reps of sets was a perfect way to do this and I am feeling a lot better after a workout because of it. Occasionally, I only do 4 or 5 if I am especially tired.

The final thing to add is I have been doing a lot of dumbbell fly's instead of other exercises as I find that Fly's are the most effective at zoning in on the chest  and working it the hardest.

So there you go, the workout is going well and I recommend it at the time being!

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