Monday, 8 December 2014

My weight loss journey - introduction and beginning

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Today's post is the start of a few that chronicle how I lost  a lot of weight over the past couple of years. I thought that writing this down would give those who want to lose weight a look at what really happens to an everyday guy - not some body-builder who 'claims'  he lost 10 kg in 1 month, This is really for anybody who wants to see a genuine weight loss journey, what I did, and how I did it.  This is real, and is not fake. Just to add, I did not go on a diet at all through this process.

To begin with, I will give a low down on what happened. About two years ago, I was very overweight, and did not look good at all. I was definitely 'fat', and I had a very big belly that you could see in whatever I was wearing. I would say my BMI was around 27, which is quite deeply in the overweight category , and 3 away from obese.
Over the next two years, I did more exercise, eat more healthily , and now I am a lot different.

To start with it, I am now at a normal weight, and I have a flat belly, as opposed to the big belly I had before. I now have a BMI of 19.8, which is a vast improvement from 27 or so. I now need to put on more weight to become healthier, and my BMI is in the low end of normal weight, which is very good.
I am now bombarded with people telling me how thin I have become, and demanding I tell them how I became "so thin" . Personally, I feel they over- exaggerate a bit, but I am very self concious so I Ill never really know.  There are still some people out there who call me fat, but all of them are people who knew me back then. Maybe they are still trying to use the leverage they used to have over me, or maybe they are just trying to make me feel like I have made no progress.
Nevertheless, I know, and I am constantly told, that I have lost a lot of weight, and the facts back up the point that I am now at a very healthy weight.

So, there was a bit of information about how I was then, and how I am now. The change was quite big, and , to be honest , there was not a certain thing that I did that was the reason I lost the weight. In other words, I cant find out what really made me lose weight, but I will tell you everything that I did. There was also never a time that I realised I was not fat any more- it was a very gradual process.

The first thing I did was gather hope. I had been on diets before, and they had never worked. I had cut off from chocolate for 4 months ( God knows how I did it ), and that did not work. So I knew I had to do more than just eat better- I needed to go be active. I needed to get up and do some exercise- whether it was strenuous or not. I needed to eat healthier food, not eat less.
So hope was key in spurring me to do these things. I need determination, something that would let me believe that I could do it - I could lose weight. This epiphany came to me whilst I was watching TV, and I saw some Teleshopping. A workout DVD was being advertised, and it persuaded me easily to go and start it. It gave me promises, that I would lose weight by the end of it. It gave me a clear view of what I would be doing. It also could be done in my house, which was the only place in which I had room to do exercise. Outside, the world was there and people I knew- so I didn't want to start jogging or cycling.. The workout DVD offered everything I wanted- results, weight loss , and the feel good factor.

This workout DVD was about to change my life, and cause me to start losing weight and becoming healthy. It would take up an hour of my day, everyday. This workout DVD was "Insanity".
Insanity is the name of the DVD, and it involved two months of incredibly high intensity exercise- hence the name.

In the next post, I will carry on my journey, and tell you all about insanity and what happened whilst I was doing it.

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