Saturday, 6 December 2014

Eating To Suit Your Needs

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So over the last few weeks I have been suffering from a touch of what is internationally renowned as Man Flu , consequently I went to see a doctor just as a precautionary measure to be prescribed with medicine etc.  However, I was told simply to eat oranges as these were the best things for some one in my position ( they contain a lot of vitamins with will help fight the cold ); and this got me thinking...

We need to eat to help us perform the activities/tasks that we do as it provides us with energy that we need to: move and to think.

So if I was a long distance runner why would I eat fatty foods? Correction ideally I would not eat a lot of this food group. What is the point. I am a long distance runner which means I need lots of slow releasing energy to help me run for a long period of time; it also means I need to thin and light in order to be able to run with as little resistance as possible, this is what is meant by optimum weight (see previous post on body types for more detail). Fatty foods, as you might have guessed are high in fat, which again is common knowledge that the more fat you consume the fatter and heavier you become, however as we have established you need to light to be a long distance runner so this is no use for me.

In fact the ideal food for a person who does long distance running is something like pasta or cereals as they contain lots of carbohydrates which do release energy slowly for a long period of time. Therefore carbohydrates are ideal for long distance running or any sport that requires muscular endurance or cardio vascular fitness as they are perfect for, to put it simply, keeping you going.

The moral of this post is to think carefully about your activities/lifestyle and diet to see if they match. Think about what skills are required for your sport and see what food group/groups provide the best answers to your tasks. A model for this is a car: you need to find the right fuel to put inside your car, there is no point in putting petrol in a diesel car after all. So your sport would be the car and the fuel is food, make sure you pick the right fuel. This is proven to improve your sporting performance as you have all the correct nurturance to do what you need to do.

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