Sunday, 28 December 2014


I have to start by thanking everyone for the masses of support that has been demonstrated towards myself and the blog, thank you all for reading following and enjoying. 

I am fully aware of the lack of posts over the last month and I know that some are curious to know what has been happening, we'll hear are the details

As it is likely that you know; I go to the gym on a regular basis - I target around 4 heavy duty hour long sessions a week. However due to the fact my gym is based at a local school Inhave been unable to attend any sessions due to the fact that schools in the uk shut for the Christmas holidays. During the festive break valued at two weeks, it is traditional to spend time inside in a warm environment around friends and family, it is a time when people can let go and enjoy themselves. 

I myself am guilty of endulgance at this time of year and I am ashamed to admit I too have fallen out of shape and lost my way from routine. Do I see there to be a problem with this? No! For me this time of year is very special it is the time of when many of my family ( including myself ) celebrate birthdays, Christmas, Boxing Day and New Years. So I allow my self around 2 weeks worth of rest and break from my routine and diet and promises. This is simply to allow myself time to relax and enjoy myself. 

My advise to the reader here is: what is the point in training hard if you do reap in the rewards of your new shape or form and enjoy yourself upon occation. It is good to work hard and enjoy it, but if you only ever work hard, you will only ever find your self more goals and put yourself in cyclical loop or work, you will never enjoy what you work for. It is like a squirrel storing loads of the best nuts for years and years, but never eating them or enjoying them.

Thanks for reading, posts will get back to normal and series will continue as per usual soon, please read again, comment( I love to hear what you say), share this, plus one it - work hard and peace!


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