Wednesday, 12 November 2014

My Gym Routine

Welcome 5.14 Fitness,

As you probably know due to friends contact, I have a free gym membership and a lot of you have been asking me what I do when I get there. This post will cover what I do, but remember they to my age, size and tailored to achieve my goals, which are size and performance based- in arms primarily.


  • Bench 20kg 10 reps 5 sets 30 seconds rest
  • Bicep Curls 7kg 25 reps 3 sets 30 seconds rest
  • Chin-Ups 10 reps 3 sets 1 minute rest
  • Pull Down Cable 50kg 15 reps 3 sets 30 seconds rest
  • Push Up Cable 50kg 15 reps  3 sets  30 seconds rest
This is not what I call a gently warm up but one that you do to  get your muscles going at a high intensity without finding it too strenuous or difficult. I personally prefer to do more work on high sets, lower weights and lots of reps. This is because it is a greater way of burning fat, giving muscles greater definition and keeping fibres pure- presenting you with stronger arms but are smaller as they have less fat. I also often say how good it is to do lower weight sometimes as it increases strength ( see other posts for details) so this is a good way to fit this in.

Work Out    
  • Bench 40kg 10 reps 5 sets 1 minute rest
  • Bicep Curls 12kg 5 reps 5 sets 30 seconds rest
  • Free Weights Chest 14kg 5 reps 5 sets 30 seconds rest
  • Chin-Ups 15 reps 5 sets 1 minute rest
  • Leg Lift Cable 40kg 15 reps 5 sets 1 minute rest
  • Pull Down Cable 70kg 15 reps 5 sets 1 minute rest
  • Push Up Cable 70kg 15 reps  5 sets  1 minute  rest

I really do not like to spend too long in the gym as after a while I can start to feel damage being done to my body and I will ache for the rest of the day. So around an hour is great for me as it allows me to get my stuff done and not take too long. I much prefer weight free training as it is a lot safer and easier to do, however it is much quicker to use weights as they get results far faster, so they need to be done in reality. But do not over light or get carried away. I go gym for an hour 4 times a week, so my body has time to recover.

Hope this helps, had a really useful week full of lessons and information. Please read again, check out other posts, some comments plus ones etc., would be nice and any following is returned (you can also add the blog to your reading list and follow that way so please do so it is much appreciated)- work hard and peace!



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