Sunday, 9 November 2014

Daily Diary: Remembrance Sunday

Welcome to 5.14 Fitness,

This post is just another weekly diary post to inform you on my progress towards goals. Today is remembrance Sunday, which is not only an inspirational day for us all to reflect upon but also a day that means a lot to me in particular as I have friends/family who have served/are currently serving in the armed forces and it is an important day for us to remember what they do and have achieved.

My goals for the month

Moving on, so this week I have been trying out some new workouts but I have also been aiming to get back in to the swing of things and back into routine.  As per usual my big aim is to increase size and performance as it will help me in all the sports I compete in and raise the level of my performances dramatically. In particular strength, speed, endurance and flexibility are things that can really help you stand out in any sport so I see at as an important area to push towards.

What actually happened

So this week actually went pretty much how I intended, big shock I know! But I started the week off well, the new bicep workout was going well, I was stretching reasonably often and I was already feeling the benefits, I also brought back the stomach fat burning workout which I did on Thursday and Friday, surprisingly I also managed a brief general ab workout and had time for squats. I will be perfectly honest, my legs have been aching a bit recently so I have been cutting back on the squats as the legs are not used to having to work and carry out normal duties, so hard I think they require the most rest time at the moment. Despite my good progress, I did drop most exercises on Saturday, after football I spent the rest of the day out with the lads which was good, but should be kept as treat- mostly due to the unhealthy food I consume.

Bringing me on to diet, I have said a balanced one is the one for me but that gradually became more fatty as the days went on and this was not necessarily too bad of a thing as it did remain reasonably healthy, just the fatty food section sneaked up a tad higher than intended, and fatty foods do provide energy which gets you bigger quicker, but anymore than what I had would have been too much I think.


I feel as if I had a reasonably successful week, and that I am hoping to see improvements in performance soon, I have started to see the buds of a couple such as legs starting to grow but we still have a fair way to go before I have made noteworthy progress. Inside I feel fine and confident, outside I look to be healthy and generally not too bad maybe a bit more size and a bit less belly fat than at the moment but I will soon work that off!

Next Week

I am super busy with sporting fixtures starting Monday, so I do not know if I will have too much time to post but it will good for burning that belly fat so it is well worth it. I will workout when I can, but listen to my body and rest when I need one as well.

Lessons Learnt

Listen to your body- if you need a rest, take one. |There is no point in over working when the muscles need time to grow and develop, it is necessary to take a rest so that you can get the best results. You also increase chances of injury; that helps no one!

Hope this helps, had a really useful week full of lessons and information. Please read again, check out other posts, some comments plus ones etc., would be nice and any following is returned (you can also add the blog to your reading list and follow that way so please do so it is much appreciated)- work hard and peace!


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  1. Hi Jason - love the concept of your site, especially the weekly diary posts like this that help the readers track your progress. What better way for someone who is into exercising (or about to start a program) to actually see the results of a certain program that a normal person is following.

    Same principal I have with my blog (Blogging Flail) as I undertake a strategy to gain more visitors/engagement to my site. I figured why not let the reader know what works and what doesn't.

    Anyway, keep it up and hang in there. Remember, most blogs fail because people give up by getting frustrated with the lack of visitors to their site. Start networking with other fitness blogs by leaving meaningful comments. Find yourself 4 - 5 other blogs and bookmark them. Visit them often and leave comments on their new posts. They'll start to get to know you, and visitors to their site will see your comments and want to check out Five Fourteen Fitness.

    Once you've started to build some of those relationships, hit them up for a guest post.

    Hope that helps...