Monday, 24 November 2014

30 day workout program- Tuesday workout

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Today I am posting about the Tuesday workout  of the 30 day workout program, and if you have not already seen the two other posts about the program, you should go check them out before you view this. Today's workout mainly trains the abs, chest, back and traps. I found it to be quite easy compared to Mondays workout, however this one lasted a bit longer. Remember to follow the instructions carefully, and make sure you check out each exercise so that  you are doing it correctly.
Just type the exercise into Google and click on a link to as they have great videos on every exercise.

Here is the workout-

Long arm crunch
3 sets, 12 reps

Reverse crunch
3 sets, 12 reps

Janda sit up
3 sets, 12 reps

3 sets, 12 reps

Extended plank
3 sets 45 seconds

Rest of workout:

Dumbbell bent over row
4 sets, 12 reps, 1 minute rest

Bench press
3 sets, 20 reps, 1 minute rest

Straight arm dumbbell pullover
3 sets, 12 reps, 45 second rest

Dumbbell shrug
4 sets, 12 reps, 30 second rest

For the abdominal workout, I perform one set of all the exercises in a row, then have 1 minute rest. I repeat this 3 times. I recommend doing this as it adds intensity to the workout, and makes you sweat a little bit more.

The dumbbell bent over row I found to be quite strenuous on the fourth set, and you can really feel  the force on your biceps. Make sure to hold for a second at the top of each rep to really add strength to your back and biceps.

For the bench press, I used a 9kg dumbbell in each hand, so by the third set you can really feel the pressure and fatigue in your triceps and chest.  People say to tense your chest at the height of each rep, however I can't yet do this. This is probably because I do not have a strong enough mind to muscle connection. I am sure with more work, I will develop this, and I will definitely let everybody know, Remember, this bench press has no incline or decline.  

The dumbbell pullover hurt my right shoulder little bit, however I think this is because my bench is quite small, so could not support my neck fully. Make sure you can feel this exercise in the chest, as this s the part of the body it works on most.

The Dumbbell shrug is for your shoulders, so make sure you do not use your arms for this exercise. You can really feel it in your shoulders after a while. 

Overall, the workout was pretty successful, although I felt I did not push myself enough. I will make sure I do so next time. 

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