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Drugs in sport

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Very quick introduction- this post will cover the effects of and problems with some of the drugs that are corrupting the sporting world and resulting people to cheat in order to claim the rewards that accompany success.

Anabolic Steroids

These are a performance enhancing drugs that replicate human sex hormones such as testosterone and estrogen. This helps increase: body weight, muscular strength and muscle size. They also make people more aggressive and competitive which will also improve the mental desire and performance of the user. By using these steroids you are likely to stunt growth if you are young or still developing. By over using the drug you can also shrink your testicles if you are male, raise your blood pressure, damage your lungs, kidneys and heart- which can all result in serious health conditions in later life and even premature death.  Steroids are most commonly used in long distance events such as cycling, as well as power events like baseball and the 100m sprint.


These help your body dispose of unnecessary water and salt through urine. By getting rid of excess salt and fluid helps lower blood pressure and allows your heart to pump easier- therefore getting more oxygen get to muscles quickly and move effectively. Diuretics can be prescribed to treat several heart-related conditions; these include high blood pressure, heart failure, kidney and liver problems, and glaucoma. However, side effects include losses of sodium, potassium and magnesium, which can result in fits, increased tiredness after exercise, increased risk of heart issues and abnormal heart beats.  It is most used for sports like boxing, wrestling and cage fighting, despite being banned.

Beta Blockers

Beta-blockers are a type of medications prescribed to prevent the effects of adrenaline, a hormone produced inside the body. They help the heart work more efficiently, by reducing: blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tremors and anxiety. The problems that beta blockers can cause include: dizziness, tiredness, blurred vision, cold hands and feet, slow heartbeat, diarrhoea and sickness. They have been found to have been used in sports like archery, gymnastics and athletics.

Narcotic analgesics

Hide or reduce the pain caused by an injury or muscle tiredness which can make the injury worse as it allows the user to continue to do what they are doing without knowing damage is being down and that they need to stop. These can then become addictive, so if they are taken frequently the user will not know what is hurting the body and what damage things are doing to it and when they need to stop doing something. Their body will over work. These are likely to be used in long distance anaerobic sports like, cross country running, long distance cycling and the 1000m.

Anabolic Agents

These help athletes to train harder and build more muscle, which helps them increase strength and endurance in their sports. Side effects include increased aggression and kidney damage. They are found in many sports such as weight lifting, javelin and shot put.

Peptides and hormones

These drugs contain EPO (Erythropoietin) which increase the red blood cells in the body which gives more energy to the muscles and HGH (Human Growth Hormone) which builds and strengthens the muscles. AS the drug has two chemicals it has two sets of side effects, EPO increases risks of strokes or heart problems whereas the HGH causes abnormal growth, heart disease, diabetes and arthritis. This drug can be used in most sports such as athletics, skiing high jump.

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