Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Burn Fat Increase Definition

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Last post a wrote about a ideas on how to loose weight, however todays post is linked to this very closely and will give you a routine that I have been working on that you can follow. As well as this I will provide reasons why these will help and what ones to go for depending on what you are trying to aim for.

Weight loss- Flat Belly

So I have been told my posts have not been that relatable for the average woman that is just trying to loose a few pounds or gain a few curves- fair enough, well here is the routine for you, but guys do not feel put off this workout can will help you as well. These are guidelines and reps are always shown as the highest and lowest recommended amounts. This routine should be completed everyday for at least a month and to see the best results three months.

  • Jogging 1-5 mile- every day.
  • Sit ups (5 sets of 10-25 reps)
  • Press-ups either (3 sets of 3-20 full ones) or (3 sets of 5-30 half press-ups)
  • Star jumps (3 sets of 10-30)
  • Squats (3 sets of 5-25)
  • High Knees (1 set of 30secs-2mins)
  • Step ups (3 sets of 25-50)
  • Stretching to be performed in morning and before sleep
This workout is absolutely great for losing fat, it is packed with cardio and low rep activities that will get better definition rather than building new muscles. It will also increase stamina and general movement towards performing in sport. DO NOT FEEL LIKE YOU HAVE TO DO THESE EXERCISES ONE AFTER ANOTHER, they should be completed everyday but allow your self a break between exercises or if you do not have time just do it later no problem. Aim for about 30 seconds rest maximum between sets as they will provide best results.

Half press-ups are ones performed whilst on your knees, if you have not done press-ups before or simply cannot do them (it can take time) this is a great way to start working up to the full ones and giving you and idea of form and how to do them. These are the best way to get rid of the dreaded bingo wings, which so many are paranoid about, as they are low rep lots of sets so breaking down the fat in the target area.
 For the jogging, if you cannot do this for weather, it hurts or whatever reason try to find a substitute for this such as swimming (a third of normal distance) or cycling (three times normal distance).
The sit-ups will be more on burning belly rather than building abdominals, it will target the bulging gut rather than getting you those six pack abs, as the routine is too low sets and reps, you probably can still get there it will just take a lot longer and you are working your way through fat primarily instead of pushing muscle through.
The leg exercises will also burn fat in the leg area as well as helping with definition and giving you the desired curves for the ladies. This will be targeting all the loose skin that collects at the back of the legs and helping to tighten it out. 

Do not rush straight through the rep levels, continue on the low reps for a while before you even consider to add more in, make sure you have it mastered and are finding it easy, after all this is not a routine for muscle building which will add to size and weight- not what we want here!

Hope this helps, please read again, thanks for reading, please do all the usual stuff and check out other posts etc.  all following is returned- work hard and peace!



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