Sunday, 2 November 2014

Daily Diary: End of Month Analysis

Welcome to 5.14 Fitness,

So I know that it is November today, but it is also the end of the week and it feels like a good time to reflect not only on the week but on the entire month of October.

My goals for the month

Okay, so my target was to try and bulk up and increase my performance as much as possible, this initially includes working-out a lot and eating loads of food in order to get the calories I need to grow. I had planned to go to the gym in order to do some light weight training (as it is the fastest way to gain size), as well as completing weight free exercises at home in order to tone muscles and push for that little something extra. Diet wise I have already said that I wanted to eat as much as possible in order to get the nutrition that I require, this included foods full of fats such as crisps, donuts etc. , as they contain some of the highest amounts of calories. How did I get on?

What actually happened

Well I started off eating loads of absolutely anything and everything, however after about a week or so I decided it was not working for me. I felt bloated and unhealthy, it was like I could feel the fatty foods inside my body. Therefore I decided I would revert back to eating a balanced diet, which lasted me about a week before Halloween, where I reverted back to the original diet plan in order to fit in with my social life- parties and nights, its that time of year! So on to my exercising; I have managed to keep to reasonably regular routines, despite being forced to drop stretching in a hope to accommodate time to sleep and recover, in other words I was too tired. My other routines actually built up towards the end of the month, as I found a new routine to increase size and power, this being exercising in smaller reps but more sets. This is due to the fact you are working your muscles on strength not endurance and your power- the ability to explode. I was also able to visit the gym a fair few times as well, which I believe did help me build muscle but I should be careful not to stunt my growth, I intend to keep this up for next month.


How did it go? Well I think I should start off with the positives: I do feel bigger and stronger. I believe that the change in workout approach has proven to be a success and has resulted in me looking physically bigger and sturdier. Negatives being once again I feel bloated and unhealthy, furthermore I have actually lost definition in my abs which is never a good sign. I have to blame the poor diet, causing excess fat to store around my mid section covering my abdominal muscles. Performance wise I am yet to see a difference, although I have been working hard I have not found exercises any easier to complete or any real results in sports other than an improved shot power at football- but these things are said to take time so I shall stay committed and hopefully progress shall develop.

Next month

Well the first thing to change will be diet, back to the good old fashioned balanced one, although it takes longer to reach goals I feel better for it and the gain in body fat is not something I am proud of.
Stretching will also return to the routine, due to the fact I shall be doing some weight training and I do not wish to stunt growth, moreover in will help increase flexibility which is never a bad thing,

Work out routine:
  • Stretching twice a day
  • General ab workout will return as well
  • Fat burning ab routine
  • Defining ab workout- I started off with this but changed half way through
  • Squats numerous reps
  • Press ups numerous reps
  • Gym work (undecided)
Lessons learnt

Eating cleanly is the form of diet most preferred by my body, power and size require lots of sets smaller reps and that I need to stick to my commitments and not tailor my workouts around my life style.

Hope this helps, had a really useful month full of lessons and information. Please read again, check out other posts, some comments plus ones etc., would be nice and any following is returned (you can also follow the blog that would be awesome)- work hard and peace!



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