Sunday, 23 November 2014

Daily Diary: Gym Buddies and getting back what you lost

Welcome to 5.14 Fitness,

Sorry about the lack of posts recently and again for this one just being another catch up session, which I am aware is not as attractive as some of the workout or review posts. However I still do view it to be important to post this type of content to show my progress- what works, what does not and all that jazz.

Goals for the week

I normally set myself the challenge of trying to get bigger, stronger: arms, chest, legs etc; however, this last week as well as my normal gym routine to get all that stuff I mentioned about a line ago, I was also worried about my abs. See if you had asked me what my best feature was 5 months ago, I would had been straight in there with abs and core. They were my only really desirable or well formed part of my body and they are also probably one of the most popular and wanted areas to tone and define. Although I was dead proud of my core a few months ago, I was not the same about my arms- I had tried various workouts and pushed my self very hard towards a goal, but I did not seem to be getting anywhere- then I spoke to a few of my friends, did a bit of research before totally reconstructing my routine and diet in order to get bigger arms. The problem then occurred, that I was eating and doing what was needed for my arms, but this did not suit my core, resulting in an increase of fat and loss of definition in that area. Then all of a sudden my piece de la resistance had become an area that required much improvement. So my fresh goal for this week was to work back my abs (on top of all the usual stuff)!

What actually happened and results

Well as I intended I did not make any alterations to my diet as I was reaping the results in my arms, but I wanted to be able to get the abs I once had on the same body as these bigger arms. Surprisingly I think I might have achieved this! I worked abs everyday or more with a basic core work out and they belly buster workout, and I cannot fault the results. I mean progress if always slow in this business, so remember to keep what I say in moderation, but I am beginning to see some great results. I can physically feel less body fat, a V line has some how reappeared and I am starting to see them bottom to abs once more. I am more than satisfied with how my revamped ab routine is fitting together- a few more weeks and I cannot wait to see how they are going to look.

I am going to move back on to my arms now and I have to say, I have been really impressed with the speed of my progress. The new gym workout I have devised has been working a treat and I am absolutely loving it. I have been told many a time over the course of last week that people are impressed with my arms. I managed to hit the gym 3 times each to be a heavy session devoted entirely to arms and legs. Another technique that works well for me if having a gym buddy. I know it sounds a little primary school, but having someone hold your weights whilst you get in position, count your reps and gets you motivated to work really makes a difference, it also adds an element of competition which does nothing but helps your work harder. As a result my arms are feeling bigger and stronger than ever and I plan to continue this new plan over the weeks that follow.

Next week

As I may have mentioned earlier, I plan to continue from where I left off last week, I will keep working hard at the gym and developing my biceps, triceps and legs, as well as my ab workouts at home to keep my core toned and as fat free as possible. On top of this I will still participate in as much sport as I can, to test out my performance and to stay healthy (in all aspects of the word). MY diet will hopefully stay balanced and nutritious.

Lessons Learnt

There have been a couple this week, the first being not to give any muscle group too much time of as progress deteriorates much faster than you make it. You are then stuck with the tedious task of trying to get back to where you were, mean while other muscle groups are loosing out. Not fun believe me!
The second being: GET YOURSELF A GYM BUDDY! It makes going to the gym that much easier, more productive and far more enjoyable as you have some one to share your journey with. A potential post topic maybe?

So guys thanks for a fantastic week, please share this with your friends, following is returned, if you have not already add it to your blogger reading list, any plus ones or comments are also welcomed, thanks for reading more posts coming soon, so please come again-work hard and peace!



  1. I'm adding a few blogs to my reader. Found yours via Ggogle+ communities. I have been lifting weights for a few years (started as part of recovering from a fibroid tumor surgery) I don't work out hard or frequently (I have some limiting health issues), but I try to be a little better than "last week" or at least "last month". No gym buddies for me. I lift in the lovely solitude of my garage.

  2. Have you been weight lifting to help strengthen your body which has been affected by your condition ?