Monday, 3 November 2014

General Weight Loss Ideas

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So some people have been in touch with me saying, that I do not do enough on weight loss, ie information for those that are over weight and trying to do something about it. Well as you know, all your comments and much appreciated and taken to heart. Therefore this post will cover a basic routine that will help you loose the unwanted weight.


You need to eat a balanced diet, starving yourself does no good, in fact you actually break down muscle as it is easier to get goodness out of than the stored energy in fat. A balanced diet consists of 30% fruit and vegetables, these are foods that are full of healthy vitamins and nutrition, but also fibre which, to be short, helps you shit out all the bad stuff- which would else be stored, not nice! Carbohydrates should be kept to the same amount ( 30%), they are what provide you with the energy to be active all day, and release energy over long periods of time. Protein 20%, this is used to help build/repair muscles, helping you be able to push your self harder in order to burn the calories and ultimately loose weight- be careful protein foods are also high in fat and saturated fat. Dairy is what should make up around 15%, as they are good for bones, however again high in fat and there is also less of a variety in this food group. The final 5% would ideally go to fatty foods, but although we need fats for energy (short release) we could actually go without this food group as we can obtain the nutrition from dairy and protein. Try to eat 3 times a day and if you need a snack a piece of fruit is always a great choice!


You need to exercise in order to burn off the calories (use up the energy) that we consume during the day. The more you exercise the more energy is used, so the body will be required to use some of the stored energy it has (fat). By using up the stored energy you are decreasing the fat percentage in your body consequently reducing your size and weight. A good tip would be to exercise more than one body at the same time as you burn more calories as you are doing more, for example swimming- arms and legs. 
I suggest completing some form of endurance whole body activity everyday as they burn the most calories, this could include: running (a mile a day is good goal) swimming if it is raining or if you live some where like the uk the seasons affect everything and also cycling.
In addition to this you want to do weight free exercises at home every day as these two will help burn them extra calories and target particular areas. To start with I would recommend:
  1. 25 step ups each leg
  2. 25 sit ups
  3. 25 star jumps
  4. 25 squats
  5. 10 arm exercises - press ups (if possible) chin ups, tricep dips etc.
It is important to steer away from the weights with if you are trying to reduce your size as all you will end up doing is building fat under muscle making you look even fatter. Despite the fact you are burning calories, your body will put on fat in order to get stronger to light the weights, in addition your mass will increase due to the extra weight from the muscle.

Hope this helps, more posts coming soon, please do all the normal stuff, any following is returned, read again- work hard and peace!


ps Get in contact if you have any ideas or queries.


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