Tuesday, 16 September 2014

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So as you know, I have not been working out this week as I am still shattered from the weekend. However I have been eating fairly cleanly as well as exercising everyday, today I did karate and football. I am especially keen to focus my energy on my karate a bit more in the next few weeks/months as I have been fairly inconsistent over this past year and my status in the group has slipped a little. I shall be pushing for my next belt soon, so I would like to practise everyday if I can.

Karate is great if you want to stay flexible and increase agility and balance, which will not only help you remain mobile whilst your muscles are growing, but it will also improve your performance in almost every sport you do.

So, I am trying to ease my way back into exercising, I managed 50 push-ups this morning and I intend to end the day with my general abdominal workout. Tomorrow Things should get back to normal, but to be honest it depends on how well I am recovering.


Just some basic terminology in preparation to my new pages.

What is health?
Health is the complete state of physical, mental and social well-being; not just the absence of disease or infirmity. Okay, so what this means is that health is not just being well or lowering your resting heart rate (these are physical benefits), it is also about your mental (relieving stress, building confidence and self-esteem) and social (making new friends and being part of a team) state.

I will go on to explain these terms more in the posts to follow; please comment, follow, plus one, read again, eat clean and work hard- thanks for reading, peace!



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