Friday, 5 September 2014


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Today I am going to post about if you relapse and return to your old habits. This could be either going out on a binge, not eating properly or stopping exercising all together.
Well if you can stay strong and avoid these circumstances well done you, but it is more than likely that each of us will at some point fall short and break our commitments to fitness. If this happens and you can see it is happening and you want to do something about it; do it. If we can learn from our mistakes and where we lost our way and we do something about getting back on the right track, you have nothing to worry about- we are human: we make mistakes, it is just important that we learn from them.

I recently hit a new another low on Thursday: I ate really unhealthily (loads of energy drinks, which are full of sugar and other fatty foods), I also failed to exercise with any purpose. Consequently I hardly slept as I had done nothing all day, and because of this I also stumped my development as I had no recovery time for my muscles to grow. I woke up feeling terrible and I vowed I would not do it again.

I hope you all show stronger willpower than me and that if you do feel your self slipping, you start to push yourself back into the right direction. Learning and improving are the two most important things in achievement, as if we never go wrong we not learn and develop as much as we can do; capping our potential

Thanks for reading, please check out the blog again soon; if you have any ideas/comments/questions feel free to contact me all your opinions are valid and are respected greatly; remember to plus one everything, share the blog with friends, follow, eat clean and work hard- peace!



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