Monday, 1 September 2014

Fat Burner, Ab Bumper

Welcome to 5.14 Fitness,

This is a workout that I created and have been trialling it once a week for about 5 weeks and I might start adding to that as I am finding it really effective and I am getting some great results. It is one that really focuses in on the core and burning that belly fat, in addition if you have a four pack and you are trying to get a six this is one that could really help.

So each exercise consists of 50 reps and we are doing 3 different ones so it is 150 reps to a set, try to do it without a break.
  1. Normal sit-ups
  2. Bicycle crunches (both legs count as 1 rep)
  3. Russian Twist (both sides to a rep)
Now depending on how fit you depends on the amount of sets you do, I personally do not have a break between sets but if you need one somewhere around 20 seconds seems good.

Novice = 1 set
Beginner = 3 sets
Intermediate = 5 sets
Expert = 7 sets
Body builder = 10+ sets

As I said this is a work-out to add definition to your abs and to loose weight by burning unwanted belly fat, it is not so good for strengthening your core as other workouts that I know, but is seems to do the trick fine for me. I might upload a video of my mate doing this workout to give you an idea on how it looks. I am currently up to 4 sets but I was pretty exhausted before hand so I reckon I can reach 5, I will keep you posted. 

Thanks for reading, please check out the blog again soon; if you have any ideas/comments/questions feel free to contact me all your opinions are valid and are respected greatly; remember to plus one everything, share the blog with friends, follow, eat clean and work hard- peace!



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