Monday, 2 February 2015

End Of January Analysis

Welcome to 5.14 Fitness,

Once again I find myself apologising for the lack of posts in recent weeks, it has taken me a little while to adjust to the new year and there have also been a few things in my personal life that have occupied my attention. However, my focus is now back on blogger and I am going to start posting more frequently and on more regular subjects rather than jumping about all the time. But back to January here is an End Of Month Analysis...

My goals for the month

So this one is pretty straight forward: literally just try to lose some of the extra fat gained over the Christmas period and the previous month. I was just trying to regain some of the form that I had managed to build before the winter struck. The primary goal was to really work on the core, to allow the abs to come back through and for them to become more visible. I intended to do more weight orientated exercises for arms and upper body simply to build size. Where as for legs I have planned for occasional work to ensure gradual progression

What actually happened

I did manage to be reasonably consistent and stuck to the plan pretty much as intended, I shall not exaggerate: it was hardly a month of pure graft and hard work. It consisted mostly of low sets high reps and it was mostly performed quite late at night - sit ups this is. I did not the most challenging workouts either they were just ones that I knew worked and that would get me to where I wanted to be and back into the swing of things. As for upper body I managed to attend my fair share of gym sessions I reckon I averaged around 3 a week I was lifting pretty heavy and low rep low set. I might have thrown myself in the deep end a bit with this one, despite this I seemed to be able to handle it as the weeks progressed. Diet wise, I did not really take too much notice of what I was eating to be 100% honest, some days I was healthy others I binged out, but there was never a full out fatty foods week.


Well as I managed to stick top the plan, I have actually gained the results I was looking for. I have more definition in the core, as well as a bigger upper body in particular arms and chest, but also a toned back which I did not anticipate. Legs I am not really seeing much of a change but this a was a s expected as they were not being worked as hard or as frequently and with the cold conditions they were not even used that much.


So next month or should I say this month, I have decided to take the form (technique ) of my exercises and really work on improving this so that even if it means dropping reps I can get the best results for what I do and that I work everything in the correct way which also decreases the risk of injury. Legs are also going up in the pecking order so I will aim to work them every day - every other day. I have also left my gym as I am now too old for previous membership tariff and I am looking around for a new one. That isn't all bad though as a rest from weight training could do me some good and allow my body a chance to grow and develop naturally. Of course I will continue to workout weight free but I this will result in slower improvements. Diet wise I feel like an increase in dairy intake is in order but not much else to worry about.

What I Have Learnt

I have learnt that technique is more important than reps and that reps and sets should vary upon your goals. For example Endurance= low weights high reps high sets Strength = heavy weights low reps low sets Power= medium/ heavy weights done quickly

Hope this helps, had a really useful month full of lessons and information. Please read again, check out other posts, some comments plus ones etc., would be nice and any following is returned (you can also follow the blog that would be awesome)- work hard and peace!


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