Saturday, 28 February 2015

Weight Loss Journey- After Insanity

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Today I will be continuing with my weight loss journey.  I went from a BMI of 27 to 19.8 in two years. I have gone from being very overweight to below a normal weight and I am sharing my journey on how I did it. If you haven't read my introduction to this, then please do so- as it might really help you. Just go back a few posts and the introduction will be there.

So anyway, I had just finished Insanity and I still felt a little overweight. Don't get me wrong, Insanity was great and it made me close so much weight and get a lot fitter. Despite this, at the time when I finished I still felt fat. Looking back now, I am not sure if I was- I may have just felt overweight because I was still getting some stick from my mates. ( Fat jokes etc.. ). 
Because of this, I did something for about two months which I do not recommend for somebody in their teenage years. As I said at the beginning of these posts, I am not sure what really made me lose so much weight - Insanity or what I did afterwards. Maybe it was a mixture of both. I don't know! 
What I did was starve myself a little- I went on a mini 5/2 diet.

My parents do not let me go on diets- they say I am growing and I need food. They are right, but at the time I was feeling like I needed to lose weight and the easiest way to do it was to cut down on food: go hungry a bit. After Insanity, I had become so much more fit and healthy but I wasn't seeing that. All I could see was that fat boy before. 
So, I started to have no lunch. I gave it away to other people so nobody in my family would find out. My Dinners were unchanged of course, yet I was skipping a meal of the day and over time, this made me lose weight. I was incredibly hungry throughout the day, yet I went through the hunger for the benefits. 
However, I didn't do anything drastic like make myself be sick or eat absolutely nothing. I just eat a lot less than I should have been eating as a 14 year old boy. 

It did work, I lost weight. However, I strongly disagree with what I did and I do not advice it if you are still a child or teenager. When you are growing up, you need a balanced meal full of different foods so that you can be healthy. You need to eat enough so that you have energy for school and for growth. Eat more healthy- don't cut out on food. 
I did not know this then, and even though it probably made me lose a bit weight, it would have not been good for my body. We need a balanced and healthy lifestyle- 6 meals a day is Ideal.

So, to recap, for about two months I cut out on lunch and snacks and therefore ate a lot less then I was meant to have ate. I lost quite a bit of weight because of this , yet It was the wrong thing to do. Growing, I needed food and a balanced lifestyle - which I didn't get when going on that diet. 

Next up- the ending and conclusion to My Weight Loss Journey    

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