Thursday, 19 February 2015

Insanity Restart- My Goals

Welcome to 5.14 fitness,

Today I will be posting about my goals for this month and what I am going to do in order to achieve them.

I have been mainly doing a lot of weight-training mixed with cardio and abdominal workouts lately. Although I am fairly sure that my abs have become more developed, I feel that they are not showing as much as they could do because of my body-fat percentage. I don't know what percentage I am at, but I am pretty sure that If I lessen it my body will become more shaped and my abs will start to show. 

In order to do this, I needed to include more cardio in my workout schedule. I do a stationary bike workout 3 times a week but that is pretty much it. I play football regularly and other sport but I do not get too much of a workout doing them ( they don't involve a lot of running and cardio). Because of all this, I feel like I need to be doing longer cardio that is more beneficial and will make me lose fat. This also has to comply with my free time and the space I have available. Therefore, I have decided that I will go for something I know is effective and will make me sweat! This is Insanity.

I have talked about Insanity a lot in previous posts- all of which have been about my weight loss transformation. Insanity was a key reason why I lost all my weight, as it is a high intensity workout that pushes you to your limits- resulting in high success. Having done it before, I know that it will be a successful method in shredding fat off my body. To learn more about it, please check out my weight loss journey posts. 

Introducing Insanity into my workout schedule means that I will have to make some sacrifices. I am going to try to do Insanity 3 times a week, followed by 20 minutes of weight training. On the other 3 days, I will perform an abdominal workout and either weight-lifting or cycling. I will try to do Insanity on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Hopefully, it will provide results and make me feel better also.

So, my goals for this month are as follows:

  • Start Insanity again and keep at it for 3 days a week.
  • Burn off fat to lower my body-fat percentage , in order for visibility in the abdominals region
  • Eat less junk food and refrain from eating too much
  • Strengthen my triceps and biceps
So, there are my goals for this month. I will keep updating on how Insanity is going. 
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