Wednesday, 4 February 2015

My exercise bike workout

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Today I will be posting about the cardio workout I do every other day ( 3-4 times a week). I do not have time or access to the gym, so cardio machines are limited for me. Going outside to run is a big no-no for me because of the cold and weather. The only option I have is an exercise bike- which ,to be fair, is often considered as one of the worst machines for cardio. A treadmill is great as it is just like a running, and a rowing machine strengthens your body as well burning your fat. An exercise bike on the other hand does not get your heart pumping as much as the others, and its calorie loss is low. Your legs are often put under more stress then your heart, causing less sweat and more aches in the legs. 

With this the only option, I searched the web for the best workout that will burn the most calories and make me sweat the most. After a while, I found an interval-training workout that looked very good and claimed to be effective. I wanted something that made me sweat and was not pointless, and after a week or two of doing the workout my wish was fulfilled.
So, here it is-

The workout is done in half an hour , and involves times where you work at very high intensity.

0-2 mins-

Warm-up gently at an RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) of 4/10. Switch to a sports channel on the gym TV if you need motivation. Just don't try to keep up if they're showing the Olympic cycling qualifiers.

2-6 mins

4x20 second high-intensity sprints (RPE 9/10) with a pedal speed of 100rpm to elevate your heart rate as quickly as possible. Follow each effort with 40 seconds recovery (RPE 4/10), seated throughout. 

6-18 mins

4x60 second high-intensity efforts (RPE 9/10) with a speed of 90rpm, standing for the first 30 seconds to work more muscle and raise your heart rate to 160-170bpm. After each, a 2 minute seated recovery (RPE 5/10).

18-30 mins

4x60 high-intensity (RPE 9/10) standing hill-climbs (crank up the resistance until your speed is around 60rpm) followed by 2 minute recoveries (RPE 5-6/10), again out of the saddle. 

So there you go: a decent exercise bike workout that will get your heart pumping!

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